What is Bad Light Stopped Play: Why Cricket Stops Due to Bad Light?

Bad Light Stopped Play

What is Bad Light Stopped Play: People are well aware of test cricket’s rich history, but it’s hard to explain the specific rules that apply to it. A terrible light is an example of one of these rules. India vs New Zealand’s ICC World Test Championship final in 2021 was hampered by bad light after the rule was implemented. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the rule among cricket experts and enthusiasts around the world. While watching Test matches, you may have noticed the message “bad light stopped play” on screen. When an umpire declares bad light, the match is stopped. The reason why cricket stopped due to bad light is explained, and the rules for bad light are explained. 

What is bad light stopped play Why cricket stops due to bad light
What is bad light stopped play meaning?

What is bad light stopped play meaning?

The majority of cricket matches are played in natural light since it is an outdoor game. White balls are used in T20, and ODI matches since they are easily visible in gloomy weather. However, red balls are used in test cricket.

Batsmen, in particular, find it harder to spot the ball rapidly bowled by bowlers in dim and gloomy conditions. Therefore, in situations where seeing the ball is difficult, umpires stop play until the light improves.

How do Umpires decide whether it is bad light or not?

A light meter is used by umpires in order to measure visibility. In the event of bad lighting, there is a set standard that is observed by the umpire and the play is halted.

Before lights meters were invented, umpires determined whether a batsman could see the ball by asking him. It might be appropriate for umpires to ask the manager of the fielding team to use spinners rather than seamers under certain conditions. 

Why has the bad light rule faced criticism?

It is uncertain whether the rule will be implemented. Umpires should wait for some time before cancelling a day off. ICC has been advised to play under floodlights by several experts of the game. It has happened before that teams have been snatched from victory by bad light. 

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