Top 10 Best PUBG Players in the World 2021 (Ranked)

Top 10 PUBG Players in the World – Best PUBG Players

Top 10 Best PUBG Players in the World 2021 (Ranked): Mobile Esports game PUBG Mobile has the world’s largest prize pool and is the most popular title on the platform. Quality of gameplay is one of the factors that have made the league among other games a popular one. There are some of the best Aimers on mobile in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile continues to grow in popularity. Listed below are the top 10 best PUBG players in the world along with their rankings and performance.

10. Marco (Uruguay) – Team Queso

Best PUBG Players Marco
Best Pubg Players

As one of the most dominant teams in South America, Queso rules the field. Across all the tournaments they have played in, they have shown relatively consistent performance. However, it is Marco who was the main reason for the success of their outing.

The Argentinean superstar has proven to be a killer machine for them ever since he joined. The PMCO South America Qualifiers have been won by him. Due to his belief in “Calculated Risk,” he has a unique gameplay style that makes enemies scared.

Best Performance :

  • Top fragger – PMCO Fall South America Regional Qualifiers
  • 6th place – PMCO Fall 
  • 7th place – PMCO Spring

9. Rayz (Turkey) – Besiktas Esports Mobile

Best PUBG Players Rayz
Best Pubg Players

From the region of Turkey comes Rayz, one of the upcoming stars. Together with his teammate Sylass, Rayz has been a formidable opponent when it comes to winning crucial fights. Their friendship dates back to the beginning and they have both been key players. Rayz is currently on Besiktas Esports and playing for his team.

Best Performance :

  • 2nd- EMEA League Finals 
  • 5th place – PMGC League 2020 

8. ScoutOP (India) – Free Agent

Best PUBG Players ScoutOP-
Best PUBG Players

ScoutOP, who plays in the Indian region, is one of the world’s best PUBG players. Since the beginning of the PUBg Mobile Open College in 2019, he has been involved in the PUBG Mobile scene. At first, he played for Team Ind and had a reputation for being a support and an assaulter.

As a member of the Dream team of Fnatic, he was picked up later that year. In several tournaments, ScoutOp won match MVPs and has won multiple matches. His current status is Free Agent, and he is seeking a team.

Best Performance :

  • 8th place – PEC
  • 2nd place – PMCO Spring South Asia

7. Earnny (Thailand) – RRQ Athena

Best PUBG Players Earnny
Best PUBG Players

Athena Earnny, who plays for RRQ, is one of the most well-known players of PUBG Mobile. It is estimated that he has earned $115,048 over the course of his career. With Earnny as their main reason for being considered one of the strongest PUBG Mobile teams, RRQ Athena is considered one of the top teams of all time.

All the major leagues in which Earnny’s team participated had him as their best performer.

Best Performance :

  • 1st- Thailand Pro League
  • 2nd place – PMSC World Cup
  • 4th – PMCO Spring

6. Zuxxy (Indonesia) – Bigetron RA

Best PUBG Players Zuxxy
Best PUBG Players

Zuxxy, who is 16 years old, is a prodigy from Indonesia. Apart from being a great aimer and assaulter, he is also the IGL for Bigetron and gets regarded as one of the best PUBG mobile players in the world.

When taking a fight, he is quite known for his intelligent rotations and impressive decision-making. According to our current estimates, his 2021 earnings will be $209,644.

Best Performance :

  • 1st – PMCO Fall 
  • 5th – PMCO Spring
  • 2nd – PUBG Mobile Global championship

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5. Luxxy (Indonesia) – Bigetron RA

Best PUBG Players Luxxy
Best PUBG Players

LUXXY is the twin brother of Zuxxy and one of the key factors behind Zuxxy’s success in the IGL industry. They both excelled because they played on the same team and because they are twins.

After a call has been taken by his brother, he is the one who takes the fight. In his team, he plays the role of a scouter and usually finds positions for his team in the zone. According to his estimates, he also earns $209,644.

Best Performance :

  • 1st – PMCO Fall 
  • 5th – PMCO Spring
  • 2nd – PUBG Mobile Global championship

4. 33Svan (China) – Four Angry Men

Best PUBG Players 33Svan
Best PUBG Players

China’s 33Svan is one of the best PUBG players on this list. A newly formed team called Four angry men has him on its roster. His estimated earnings at age 20 are $359,289.

His role in the game is more of a sniper as opposed to an assaulter, compared to other players on this list. At the end of 2021, he was the main reason why PUBG Mobile won the world championship, but he was runner-up in the world championship final.

Best Performance :

  • 1st – PMCO Fall 
  • 1st – Peacekeeper Elite Championship
  • 2nd- PUBG Mobile world championship Final 2021

3. Ryzen (Indonesia) – Bigetron RA

Best PUBG Players Ryzen
Best PUBG Players

One more gem from the Bigetron RA Indonesia team is Ryzen. This is one of the toughest leagues globally, but it has contributed to several top players like “Ryzen”.

As a member of his team, he sometimes acts as a sniper and other times he plays the role of an assaulter. He has also been recognized at PMGC 2020 for his usage of utilities, earning the title of Grenadier.

Best Performance :

  • 1st – PMCO Fall 
  • 5th – PMCO Spring
  • 2nd – PUBG Mobile Global championship

2. Jonathon (India) – TSM Entity

Best PUBG Players Jonathon
Best PUBG Players

PUBG mobile player Jonathan is a leading member of the Indian Esports scene. He is regarded as one of the best assaulters in PUBG Mobile even at 19 years of age. The first company he played for was entity gaming, and he went on to represent the famous “TSM”.

Moreover, he is one of the highest-earning Esports players in India. Due to his high kills, he has won several MVP awards in South Asia and PMPL League.

Best Performance :

  • 1st – PMCO Fall South Asia 
  • 5th – PMCO Fall Championship
  • 1st – PUBG Mobile Indian series

1. Paraboy (China) – Nova Esports

Best PUBG Players Paraboy
Best PUBG Players

According to DailySportsHD, Paraboy is the best PUBG player in the world. At the age of 19, Paraboy has already earned more than half a million dollars. After beginning his career with XQF, he later signed up with NOVA Esports. Furthermore, he is reported to earn up to 10000$ per month, making him one of the highest-paid players.

During the 2019 global invitational, he was the top fragger. Among the best assaulters on Earth, he is regarded as a master. A mobile player with his level of aim is almost unbelievable. Besides TPP and FPP, he is also one of those players who are good at both.

Best Performance :

  • 1st – PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021
  • 1st – Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2020
  • 1st – PUBG Mobile Global Invitational 2019

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