CFL Cheerleaders Salaries

CFL Cheerleaders Salaries

CFL Cheerleaders Salaries

CFL Cheerleaders Salaries: The remuneration of a professional cheerleader depends on the sport or the team, but most earn little. Being a professional cheerleader is not a work for one expecting high earning or pay. Salaries, wages, or match allowances vary according to countries, clubs, or league. Most CFL cheerleaders get at least a minimum wage as salary even though the salaries differ depending on the club. 

Meanwhile, football cheerleaders and football players have many things in common. Both teams are comprised of great athletes who do outstanding acts of confidence and mastery to comic fans. Both groups equally have been pre-occupied with exhausting team practices leading to the commencement of football season. However, the players are the only ones that earn significant pays. Cheerleaders, despite many hours they spend practicing to bring glamour to the brand and team, still make little and work as volunteers sometimes. Cheerleading a job is highly skilled and often a dangerous activity; thus, the women who do the job should be handsomely paid. 

This work will lay emphasis and outline the CFL Cheerleader’s salaries. 

CFL (Canadian Football League) 

Canadian Football League, which started 59 years ago, is now the most popular sport in Canada. It is the number one professional league in Canada and the most significant level of competition in football in the country. CFL comprises of nine teams, each situated in Canadian cities. They are categorized into two main divisions; five teams are in the West division, while four teams are located in the East division. 

CFL Cheerleaders

CFL Cheerleaders are the teams that exhibit a sort of chanting, dancing, and chanting for the support of their respective sports teams in CFL matches. It is an activity that involved the participant’s cheer and encouraged their teams.  It can involve and start from singing slogans to strain physical shows. Cheerleading can be organized to inspire teams, to entertain the audience, or for the competition proper adequately. 

CFL Cheerleaders Updated salaries 

There is no formal ruling body for Cheerleading in Canada, thus, no official CFL Cheerleader’s salaries revealed yet. However, multiple reports have come up online recently regarding the salaries of CFL cheerleaders. 

The Updated Salaries of CFL Cheerleaders

CFL Cheerleaders Salaries 2021 (Confirmed)
Category Per Match Fees All Star Match Fees Yearly Earnings
Senior Cheerleaders $350 $1,500 $8,300
Amateur Cheerleaders $50 N/A $1,500

(N.B- Salaries stated is in Canadian Currency)

Significantly, a total of nine teams participate annually in the Canadian Football League, and every team has their own cheerleader’s unit. In another vein, a professional cheerleader of years of experience earns a contract from the sports team. CFL cheerleaders salaries showing on the table might be on deals. 


Highest Paid CFL Cheerleaders 2021 (Canadian Football League)
Category Per Match Fees Annual Earnings
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Cheerleaders $350 $8,000
Montreal Alouettes Cheerleaders $350 $8,000
Ottawa Redblacks Cheerleaders $350 $8,000
Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders $350 $8,000
Winnipeg Blue Bombers Cheerleaders $350 $8,000
Calgary Stampeders Cheerleaders $350 $8,000
Edmonton Eskimos Cheerleaders $350 $8,000
Saskatchewan Roughriders Cheerleaders $350 $8,000
BC Lions Cheerleaders $350 $8,000

All CFL matches are played from June to October. The cheerleader s would get extra pay if they engaged in playoffs of the last teams. Like stated on the table, Senior cheerleaders earn ($1,500) if their team finishes as a runner-up or wins in the Grey Cup tournament. 

More so, a professional CFL cheerleader gets a maximum of $8,000 annually that includes added money from playoffs and allowances of final game performance. It is worthy of adding that Amateur Cheerleaders, (someone that joined the sports team recently as a professional dancer) won’t be able to have a contract until she has stayed and experienced three or two seasons in Canadian Football League. CFL Cheerleaders Salaries.

Cheerleading, though, originated in the United States, has become a popular sports culture in Canada. It ranges anywhere from two to three minutes and involves dance, cheers, jumps, and stunting. The modes of payment and rules for cheerleading in Canada are copied from the United States. Cheerleading has grown over the years from the sidelines to significant and competitive events in Canada and the world. CFL Referees Salaries 2021 Per Match Fees (Revealed).

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