Why do Cricket Players Wear Black Armbands in the Match?

Revealed: Why Players Wearing Black Armbands In The Match?

Why do Cricket Players Wear Black Armbands in the Match?
Why do Cricket Players Wear Black Armbands in the Match?

We’ve probably all seen teams wearing black armbands. Are you familiar with the reasons why teams wear black armbands? In the most recent ICC World Test Championship final, India wore the black armband against New Zealand. So, what’s with the black armbands on cricket players these days?

Why do Cricket players wear black armbands?

The real reason behind the cricket players wear black armbands in the match is, it is the mark of respect. When some unexpected event happened, causing mass fatalities or renowned personality dies, the cricket team wear a black armband as a token of respect and showing their support to the people affected by the adversity. 

There is a perfect reason for the cricket players to wear black armbands in the game. After all, it is the mark of respect. As a sign of respect and as a symbol of support for the people affected by the adversity, when some unexpected event caused mass fatalities or high profile personalities died, the cricket team wore a black armband, showing that support to the people affected. 

Why Are India Wearing Black Armbands In The WTC Final?

On the second day of the test, the Indian team, who reached the inaugural finals of the ICC World Test Championship, wore the black armband that had been donated to them by the Indian cricket team upon entering the field (1st day was cancelled due to bad weather). Milkha Singh, one of the greatest athletes of the twentieth century, succumbed to COVID-19 recently. Thus the black armband was worn in memory of him. 

In an unfortunate incident, Milkha Singh, a well-known Flying Sikh, lost his wife and former Indian Volleyball Team captain because of a virus covid-19. It is reported that Milkha Singh was 91 years old at the time of his death. In his initial hospitalization, he was taken to the Fortis Hospital, from where he was subsequently referred to the PGIMER (Chandigarh), where he took his last breath.

There are three daughters and a son who remain in the family. Based on his life, there is a Bollywood blockbuster called “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”. As Milkha Singh, Faran Akhtar appeared on screen in the role. In 2013, the movie was released, and it received a lot of praise from all parts of the globe.  

Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian Cricket Team, expressed his condolences to the entire Milkha Singh family. In an Instagram post, he shared a picture of himself greeting Milkha Singh. Kohli wrote that his legacy inspired the nation to strive for excellence. The most important thing is never to give up and to chase your dreams no matter what. I wish to convey my condolences to the family of #MilkhaSingh Ji. There will never be a time when we forget you”.

On the fourth day of the match, the match had to be abandoned because of heavy rain. In India’s first innings, the country scored 217 runs. In return, New Zealand is also 101/2. It is hoped that the match will be drawn, in which case both India and New Zealand would like each win as joint winners. 

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