The 20 Highest Paid Golf Caddies 2021 (PGA Tours)

Top 20 Highest Paid Golf Caddies

Top 20 Highest Paid Golf Caddies in 2021

A winner golfer gets money from the PGA tour tournament, and caddies get paid too. A report revealed the caddie’s earnings. According to the reported data, a winning golfers caddy can earn up to $1.5 million in a year. They also get fixed prize money which is adjusted in each tournament. Both he or she caddies received 10% of the money from the winning golfer’s payout from the tournament. Based on 2019-2020 PGA tour wins by golfers’ highest-paid caddies 2020.

Many people reckon that having a golf career is a fascinating one and is filled with days playing golf on some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.  Yes, the life of a well-paid golfer is a magnificent one.

Of course, it is an interesting thing to be a well-paid golfer and without doubt, anyone will desire that. But there definitely can be some  other cool ways to earn a good living

No, it’s not about playing with the best bands in the world; it’s all about having a thriving golf career. 

It is possible that professional golf caddies may not attain the fame and glory that professional golfers get to effortlessly, but still, they make quite a lot of fortune. Plus, they do not have to shoot. 

According to Forbes Magazine, a pro golf caddie earn $2500 weekly wages. A professional caddie revealed that they get $2000 as a weekly salary. But recently another report revealed about caddies, from that report the earnings of caddies that explained the benefits and endorsement bonus money.


The 20 Highest Paid Golf Caddies 2020 in PGA Tours



PGA Tour Purse

Base Salary


Overall Payouts


Jimmy Johnson



Justin Thomas



Jonathan Jakovac



Collin Morikawa



Austin Johnson



Dustin Johnson



Paul Tesori



Webb Simpson



Adam Hayes



Jon Rahm



Tim Tucker



Bryson DeChambeau



Kessler Karain



Patrick Reed



Josh Cassell



Daniel Berger



Matt Kelly



Marc Leishman



Albin Choi



Im Sung-jae



Mark Crane



Tyrrell Hatton



John Limanti



Adam Scott



Terry ‘T’ Walker



Andrew Landry



Sam Pinfold



Cameron Smith



Damien Lopez



Michael Thompson



Mike Bestor



Kevin Streelman



Jeremy Young



Jim Herman



Dale Vallely



Abraham Ancer



Shay Knight



Viktor Hovland



Tim Giuliano



Richy Werenski


How much do professional caddies earn?

The fact that some players are cheap and give small tips to golf caddies, doesn’t mean they do not earn often. In fact, in 2015, U.S. Open winner Jordan Spieth took home $ 1.8 million in prizes. 

It was recorded that his younger brother Michael Greller made $ 180,000 solely for his performance at the tournament- Incredible! 

Even though he spent the U.S. Open carrying Spieth’s golf bag, but as far as Spieth is concerned, he’s much more valuable  than that. 

The winner of the tournament was honored by Greller for being helped to overcome moments of the difficult U.S. Open and keep watch on the prize.

In an article written on Forbes, 10 PGA caddies earned a minimum of $ 600,000 in 2014. This is an astronomical amount for many lower-level PGA players who only hope to make the reduction at the next tourist event. But six-figure income is not the maximum annual salary that caddies can get, And some have seen seven-figure years through their golf caddying career.        

Highest paid caddies 2020 data collected from a trusted source. Caddies earnings mention in PGA tours 2020 for all golfers who finished in the top 3 places. When golfers finished in the top, five-position Golf caddies received purse money share from (10%-5%). A professional golf caddie earnings between $75,000 to $120,000 yearly.

Jimmy Johnson Payout at PGA Tours 2020 ($382,851): Jimmy Johnson currently golf caddie of (Justin Thomas) earn big money this year. Justin Thomas, who won the PGA tour Sentry Tournament of Champions and St Jude Invitational brought 10% of purse money share to (Jimmy Johnson). He received the highest prize money share at Jude Invitation 2021 up to ($182,200).

Jonathan Jakovac Payout at PGA Tours 2020 ($366,825): Jonathan Jakovac who supports golfer (Collin Morikawa) in PGA tours makes more than $300k from the prize money purse earned (Morikawa). The biggest payday for Jakovac take-place at PGA championship 2020 on 9th August when he received ($198,000) share from winning purse money of (Morikawa) $1.98 million.

Austin Johnson Payout at PGA Tours 2020 ($352,600): Dustin Johnson golf caddie, Austin Johnson currently earned ($352,600), when Johnson finished in the top 3 rankings of (PGA tour) events in 2020. Still, some big PGA tour events left, if Dustin Johnson finished in the top 5 or win Austin Johnson will become the leading golf caddie in earnings.

The information provided in the charts above is solely based on all financial earnings from PGA tours. There are some PGA tours that are yet to be carried out and will be completed in November, the end of the 2020 golf calendar.

All information based on financial earnings based on PGA tours these caddies participated and finished in the top 5 positions. Currently, there are some tours left in the 2021 golf calendar which end in November. The detail of caddies’ earnings updated here once those tournaments completed.

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