Most Olympics Medals 2021: Top 50 Countries

Top 50 Countries With Most Olympics Medals 2021: There is no sporting event more popular in the world than the Olympics. Taking place every four years, athletes from all over the world compete and represent their countries. Every year, the event is held in a different city. Combining the Winter and Summer Olympics, here are the top 50 countries with the most Olympic medals.

Most Olympics Medals Top 50 countries
Most Olympics Medals: Top 50 countries

Olympic rings symbolize the unity of five continents, which indicate the moto sign. Olympia was the first place to hold an Olympic event. The games have been dominated by some countries over time.

In both the Summer and Winter Olympic games, the United States is the most prosperous nation. The United States has won more Olympic medals than any other nation.

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Top Countries With Most Olympics Medals

The following graph shows the total number of Olympic medals in history.

1 United States (USA1,1279077942,828
2 Soviet Union (URS) 4733763551,204
3 Great Britain (GBR) 274299310883
4 Germany (GER) 283282290855
5 France (FRA) 248276316840
6 Italy (ITA) 246214241701
7 Sweden (SWE)202216234652
8 China (CHN) 237195176608
9 Russia (RUS) 196164187547
10 Norway (NOR)188174158520
11 East Germany (GDR) 192165162519
12 Australia (AUS)152168192512
13 Canada (CAN)137166198501
14 Hungary (HUN)176149173498
15 Japan (JPN)156158183497
16 Finland (FIN)144148178470
17 Netherlands (NED)130136149415
18 Switzerland (SUI)106120119345
19 South Korea (KOR)121112104337
20 Austria (AUT)82114123319
21 Poland (POL)7591140306
22 Romania (ROU)8994122305
23 West Germany (FRG) 678294243
24 Cuba (CUB) 786880226
25 Bulgaria (BUL) 528983224
26 Denmark (DEN)457575195
27 Czechoslovakia (TCH)515760168
28 Belgium (BEL)415558154
29 Spain (ESP)466444154
30 United Team of Germany (EUA)366041137
31 Unified Team (EUN) 544437135
32 Brazil (BRA)303663129
33 Ukraine (UKR)373160128
34 New Zealand (NZL)462846120
35 Greece (GRE)334340116
36 Kenya (KEN)313834103
37 Belarus (BLR)20324496
38 Yugoslavia (YUG) 28343294
39 Turkey (TUR)39242891
40 Czech Republic (CZE)24283587
41 South Africa (RSA)26312986
42 Jamaica (JAM) 22352178
43 Argentina (ARG)21252874
44 Kazakhstan (KAZ)16243272
45 Iran (IRI) 21212769
46 Mexico (MEX)13243269
47 North Korea (PRK)16172356
48 Ethiopia (ETH)22112154
49 Croatia (CRO)15161344
50 Azerbaijan (AZE)7112442
Top 50 Countries With Most Olympics Medals

Which country has won the most Olympic medals?

In the Olympics, the United States is the most prosperous country. A total of 2827 medals have been won by the United States of America. Gold medals are won by the USA overwhelmingly.

The only country to have won 1000 gold medals in the United States, with 1127 medals. A total of 907 silver medals and 793 bronze medals have been won by the nation. Among all teams, only the United States of America receives no funding from the government.  

The United Kingdom is composed of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In the Olympics, it ranks as the second most prosperous country. There have been 274 gold medals, 299 silver medals, and 310 bronze medals won by the United Kingdom. There have been 833 medals won by it in total. 

Germany has won the third most Olympic medals in the world. 83,900,473+ people are living in Germany who have won over 800 medals at the Olympics. The European nation has won 282 silver medals, 283 gold medals, and 290 bronze medals. During 1936, both summer and winter Olympics took place there. 

France comes in fourth among countries with the most Olympic medals with 840. The first time France competed in the Olympics was in 1986. There have been 248 gold medals won by France in the Olympics, 276 silver medals and 316 bronze medals. 

In fencing, Italy won the most medals at the Olympics. Furthermore, it hosted three Olympic events – two winter games and one summer game. The Italians have won 246 gold medals, 214 silver medals, and 241 bronze medals, totalling 701 medals. 

Note: The total number of Olympic medals is based on the cumulative totals of Summer and Winter. 

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