NFL Cheerleaders Salaries: How Much Money They Make 2021?

NFL Cheerleaders Salary: How Much Money They Make?

NFL Cheerleaders Salaries: How Much Money They Make?

Judging by their outward outfits, one would say that sports cheerleaders have an attractive profession. They attend sporting events, meet popular players, and dance in front of spectators.  However, the reality is different from what is on the ground. Cheerleading is a physically demanding sports activity; the cheerleaders are to keep and follow strict regulations regarding appearance and behaviour and adhere to the games’ guidelines. 

Meanwhile, the average NFL cheerleaders salaries differ according to the franchise and are remarkably low.   


The National Football League is an American Professional Football League that comprises 32 teams and split equally between the American Football and National Football Conference. 


National Football League Cheerleaders are the teams that exhibit a sort of chanting, dancing, and chanting for the support of their respective sports teams in NFL matches. It is an activity that involved the participant’s cheer and encouraged their teams.  It starts by singing slogans to strain physical shows. Cheerleading can be organized to inspire teams, adequately entertain the audience, or for the competition proper. Cheerleaders are expected to spend over eight hours practising every week in the National Football League season, including eight hours for cheers at each game at home. More so, Cheerleaders attend charity occasions and public appearances on behalf of their team. 


Being a National Football League cheerleader is not a work for one expecting big pay. Salaries and wages differ; they mostly depend on the franchise; for instance, an Eagles cheerleader salary might vary from a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader’s salary. 

The diverse sports franchises are uncertain about the payment of their cheerleaders. National Football League average pay is around $100 and $75 per match, plus a $50 allowance for other public appearances. The payment of wages for training and rehearsals for cheerleaders solely depends on the franchise.

Though there is diversity in wages according to the franchise, most NFL cheerleaders could earn at least the minimum wage. Likewise, being part of a popular team doesn’t guarantee a rate of pay. The average NFL cheerleaders salary goes around $15 and $9 per hour for practice, adding to the approximate of $3,000 to $3,500 every season. 

For clarity, National Football League salaries are better explained under Supporting Cheerleaders and Professional Cheerleaders. Specifically, professional cheerleaders are the only ones offered contracts at the end of the season and earn a maximum of $75,000, including the $2,500 bonus for every cheerleader who performed in Super bowl matches and Playoffs.

NFL Cheerleaders Salary

Professional NFL Cheerleaders Salaries:

They earn an annual salary of $75,000. Professional Cheerleaders are the ones who have years of experience and also past contracts with the National Football League teams. Their payments increased from about $50,000 annually to $75,000, including the bonus from Super bowl and Playoff’s performances. Professional Cheerleaders earn about $20 per hour game salary and $500 per game fee.

NFL Cheerleaders Salary

Supporting NFL Cheerleaders Salaries:

They earn an annual salary of $20,000. Professional Cheerleaders in some teams missed the tournament because of injury or some reasons; the Professional Cheerleaders hire this team of Cheerleaders as the Supporting Cheerleaders for their team. They earn a maximum of $9 per hour and a minimum of $5 per hour of wages. Contracts are offered at the end of the season based on their performance and precise dancing skills in the matches.

Cheerleading is not as elegant as one might believe. Cheerleaders only earn a small fraction of what the players earn despite sharing the same football field. What’s more, the National Football League professional cheerleaders are to abide by the strict regulations and a tight schedule. All the information about NFL Cheerleaders Salaries are reported from the top trusted NFL news sources. 

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