Shroud Net Worth 2021: Streaming Setup, Salary, Career & Sponsors

How Much Money Shroud Makes On YouTube & Twitch- Net Worth

Shroud Net Worth 2021: Streaming Setup, Salary, Career & Sponsors: In the gaming world, Shroud is a name that everyone has heard at least once. When it comes to tips, tutorials, and guides for any FPS games, Shroud is the man to go to.

In Shroud’s case, he’s different from other streamers because he’s excellent at all games within a short period of time, and he often credits this to his raw aim and in-game sense.

In this article, we have all the details on popular Counter-Strike streamer Shroud, who used to be a professional Counter-Strike player.

Who is Shroud?

Shroud Net Worth Streaming Setup, Salary, Career & Sponsors
Shroud Net Worth

Michal Grzesiek, also known as Shroud, is an ex-CS:GO professional and also a very famous streamer. Since 2016, he has been streaming on Twitch and he came to the limelight after streaming “PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds.” in 2017.

From Twitch in 2020, Shroud moved to the now defunct streaming platform Mixer for 10 Million USD. After that, he returned to Twitch and is now partnering with them once again.

Shroud Net Worth

How Much is Shroud Net Worth?

In the past five years, Shroud has amassed a lot of wealth and money from his professional and streaming careers.
Shroud net worth is currently estimated at $25 million, but this is actually a very low figure, as the mixer deal alone is rumored to be at least 10 USD for time spent working at mixer, and Shroud has also earned a handsome salary from Cloud 9.
In early 2019, Shroud bought a new home for nearly 1 million USD. Shroud also has investments in a number of stocks. After returning from the mixer, he has an existing contract with Twitch which allows him to earn additional income from his subscribers, rather than those of other Twitch streaming partners.
Shroud’s monthly earnings currently amount to 80,000 dollars from the Twitch subscribers, which totals approximately $2 million dollars per year.

Shroud CS: GO Career

In Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Shroud had a very decent career as an ex-professional player. “Eclipse” was his original name, but he eventually settled on “Shroud”. Playing under a variety of teams such as Exertus, Manajuma and Complexity Gaming, he eventually signed up for American giant “C9 or Cloud 9”.

His Cloud 9 team included other superstars such as “Automatic”, “Stewie2k”, “nothing” & “Skadoddle”. Under the banner, he did not win a Major, but he has won several Tier A championships. Sheroud decided to step away from CS: GO in order to become a full-time streamer in April 2018.

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Shroud Endrosements

Shroud is presently sponsored by the gaming tech giant “Logitech.”. He has faithfully promoted Logitech’s gaming peripherals, which are all marketed by Shroud. Logitech has also launched special peripherals, such as mouses and headphones, that are geared towards its fans.

Skins of Shroud can also be found in various video games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Rust. In most cases, shroud receives a royalty for each skin sold as they partner with game developers.

Shiroud endorses a wide range of products in the market, such as gaming energy drinks, gaming chairs, new video games as well as various peripherals and stuff related to gaming. The company called Madrinas was also sponsored by him in 2019.

Shroud’s Streaming Setup

HeadphonesLogitech G PRO X Gaming Headset
MicrophoneShure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone
MonitorBenQ ZOWIE XL2540
WebcamLogitech BRIO
KeyboardLogitech Pro Mechanical Gaming
MouseLogitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse
Mouse Bungee
CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Bungee
MousepadLogitech G640 Large Cloth Gaming Mousepad
Capture CardMagewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI Video Capture Card
GPUGeforce RTX 3090
CPURyzen 5950X
CaseCORSAIR OBSIDIAN 750D Full-Tower Case
Shroud Net Worth
Shroud Net Worth

About Shroud

Real NameMichael Grzesiek
BornJune 2, 1994
Age26 Years Old
NationalityPolish- Canadian
Net Worth$8-10 Million
SponsorsLogitech, J! nx
Marital StatusUnmarried
Source of WealthStream Subscription, Endorsement and
Height5 ft 6 in ( 168cm)
Weight65 Kg/ 143lbs

Shroud Valorant Settings

Shroud plays Valorant quite a bit, and these are the in-game settings he uses

In-game Sensitivity0.78
Scoped Sensitivity 1
Polling Rate 1000  
Windows Sensitivity  6

Shroud Social Media

On social media platforms, Shroud is very prominent. Because of the jaw-breaking clips, he is often called the king of Reddit. He also being posted his playing videos on Reddit. Currently, Shroud is on the following platforms.

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